Brent Rosenberg is a Melbourne based artist, known for his use of shapes and angles, Brents previous life in graphic design, and days spent working in galleries surrounded by ‘creative types’, led him down the path of turning his hand to art full time. “I spent my entire childhood with a sketch pad in hand, painting and drawing, so although I have opted for a digital medium for now, I am sure I will experiment with other mediums as time goes by,” he says.

Brent’s collection are inspired by his travels to urban jungles such as big apple, New York City, Tokyo and Melbourne. “I wanted my pieces to have street appeal, be edgy and different, using texturised elements to compliment the sharp geometric lines’ he says.

Like most artists, Brent is a perfectionist. And a humble one at that. “My next collection is only as good as my last. I really hope people enjoy what I do, and love it enough to want to put it up on their walls. It is the greatest accolade to me when someone wants to hang my art on his or her wall and stare at it every day. I am so grateful for that.”

Brent doesnt take anything that comes his way for granted, a cool, calm and logic approach to everything he does has helped form a creative comfort zone, allowing him to create with freedom and use his imagination to its fullest.